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Staying active is a key part of maintaining a healthy outlook. Exercise can help lower blood pressure and prevent excessive weight gain, along with a multitude of other benefits. As we get older, the importance of regular physicals becomes even greater. Lifestyles can change due to work, family and other commitments, which is why the physicians at Bay Street Medical recommend routine adult physicals for optimum health and disease/injury prevention.

In addition to regular well-visit adult physicals and exams, the team at Bay Street Medical may offer the following healthcare measures during a physical examination:

Check blood pressure
Discuss family history and order any related lab tests
Discuss age-relevant lifestyle topics (puberty, sex, drugs)
Evaluate growth and development, including height, weight and body mass index
Ensure immunizations are up to date
Review medications currently taking
Talk about health problems or injuries
Order tests for hearing or vision problems
Provide preventive care (guidance if overweight or sexually active)
Screen for or monitor behavioral or emotional issues, such as depression or attention deficit disorder


We provide gynecological examinations such as pelvic and pap tests. A Pap test, also called a Pap smear, is a simple test to check for changes in the cells of a woman’s cervix, the lower part of the uterus.

Gynecological examinations such as Pap smears can help tell if you have an infection, abnormal cervical cells, or help identify cervical cancer before it advances.


Bay Street Medical provides complete school and sports physicals for children and adults of all ages. Sports and school physicals normally consist of a medical history exam and a physical examination.

The overall goal of this type of preventative medicine is to evaluate a child or adult’s general health, current fitness level, overall physical well-being and risk of injury. We recommend that school and sports physicals for patients who are participating in club sports teams, new fitness regimens and school or inter-league sports programs.

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